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The 20th century was incredible. People went to the moon. Cars, air travel, electricity, satellites, cloning... 

The world became connected. And over this short but amazing period marketing made willing, hungry consumers of us all in ways that no advertiser 100 years ago could possibly have ever dreamed.

If you need proof, there’s really no better example than shaving. 

Once a dignified ritual, shaving’s now the absolute epitome of over-engineering. It’s all proprietary five-bladed vibrating razors with ergonomic grips and dubious foams in cans, filled with unpronounceable synthetic chemicals and known irritants. Disingenuously, they promise everything between dermatological nirvana and eternal youth... 

We've forgotten what really good shaving gear is.

Shaving used to be sophisticated in its simplicity. Single, wickedly sharp blades. Richly moisturising, deeply cushioning creams and soaps made from the mildest ingredients. It used to be one of life's simple pleasures. Shaving used to be a meditative ritual. And it still is, if you do it right.

In the spirit of Occam’s Razor, our artisan shave gear is made using the finest natural ingredients and materials - just what’s necessary to give you the best possible shave.