How do I create a lather?

Dip your brush in water, and shake or squeeze out most of the excess water. 

Take a small amount of shave cream (about half an almond worth) and put it in a bowl.

Work the brush around in a circular motion for about a minute to create a nice, thick lather. Less water will make a denser, smoother lather, while more will make a lighter, bigger lather.

Can I lather these shave creams if I have hard water?

We think they work better than most with hard water, so you can try! 

If you're really not having any luck, try using distilled water to create a lather instead.

Can you make me a scentless shaving cream?

We can. Please contact us if you'd like an unscented shaving cream.

Where can I get more information about traditional wet shaving?

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