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More often than not where shaving gear’s concerned, the word ‘natural’ is used pretty carelessly. Occams shave creams and soaps are made using only the finest ingredients though. In fact, the only thing that isn't entirely natural is a tiny amount of preservative - and even that's nature identical.


Because we're only interested in including things that make the finest possible creams and soaps - and because we need to know what’s in them (more on this below)...

Essential oils vs. fragrance oils
If you’re using a cream or soap with a smell, it’s normally been scented using either:

  • a (natural) essential oil, or
  • a (synthetic) fragrance oil - sometimes referred to as 'parfum'.

Essential oils are 100% natural. They’re extracted from plants using the same traditional methods our ancestors have used for thousands of years. Essential oils usually have a richer, more complex smell - and they cost more.

It’s practically impossible to know what’s in fragrance oils. Producers of fragrance oils aren’t required to disclose what they’re actually made of, and in some cases they contain some pretty unhealthy chemicals.

That's why we only use essential oils in Occams products.

Vegan soaps and creams
All of our soaps and shaving creams are completely vegan, and are made with no animal products or by-product ingredients.

Certified sustainable palm oil
We use palm oil in our hard soaps, because it makes incredibly fine soap. The palm oil we use comes only from RSPO certified sustainable sources.